Formal Demography Working Group


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The Formal Demography Working Group aims to bring together formal demography scholars and those interested in formal demography to discuss recent and classic work, brainstorm new ideas, and to foster new collaborations. We meet virtually each month with meetings tentatively scheduled for the last Friday in every month. Our specific aims are to:

  1. Bring an international community of scholars together with formal demography as the focus
  2. Create a supportive and inclusive environment to learn, and encourage people to work with formal methods
  3. Discuss the past, present and future of formal demography


If you would like to be included on the mailing list sign up here.

Here is a map of locations/affiliations of sign-ups to date. We are very international!

Schedule and materials

Formal Demography at IUSSP 2021!

Here is a list of formal demography presentations at IUSSP 2021. If your presentation is not yet included on this list, fill out this form.

Other stuff


This working group is organized by Vanessa Di Lego (Vienna Institute of Demography), Ryohei Mogi (University of Oxford), and Monica Alexander (University of Toronto). It is still a very new idea and we are always open to suggestions and feedback.